Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no, this is something that we cannot offer. Most parties are private parties and do not allow guests or clients (such as yourself) onto the premises, it wouldn’t be right, and we wouldn’t do the same to you if it was your function or wedding. We can however provide you with my Testimonials and give you some details of past guests – contact us directly.

The kids parties/school/disco’s that we do, are designed to be fun, friendly and full of interaction. We don’t just stand there and play music. There are music orientated games, actions, dances, sometimes prizes and of course all general purpose dancing music.

If you have a set list, or a theme, we can usually tailor it around that as well.

This is completely up to you. We never travel to a function expecting a meal, if we are provided with one, that’s great!

If not, we dont mind. Some customers include me in their guest list, or co-ordinate with the function manager/wedding planner to ensure we get one, but if you are working on a tight budget, there is no ‘requirement’ that we must be provided with a meal.

Of course, you can be as ‘specific’ as you like, or as ‘broad’ as you like in terms of your music choice. Not everyone always provides us with a song list, but some people however have given us a sheet of music detailing each & every song and when they would like it played.

We are happy to play the music however, and whatever order you would like. If you don’t choose any music, and don’t give us any indication of what you like, then we will just play music to suit the crowd and read how the audience engages the music.

Below is a standard setup for events – our speakers may change due to room size/configuration. Bigger rooms require bigger speakers.

Hillstone St Lucia - Dave & Brittany - Wedding DJ

Absolutely not. You are only charged for the time you want played for. So for example, if you want music to play between 6:00pm – 11:00pm – then we will arrive early to setup (about 1 hour before hand), and ready to play at 6:00pm.

In most cases, we will already have the song in our song list. However if we dont, previous customers have provided us with their iPod, iPhone or even their own CD which we can play off. Worst case, we can search for the song and arrange to get it played on the night.

We will play just about anywhere that has a power point! …. and even then we can get a Generator if required. We have played throughout Brisbane at most venues (there is so many to list!), and also the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast too. We even occasionally travel out to Toowoomba, St George, Gatton and also DJ on Tangalooma Island, and Fraser Island as I have a 4WD. We can even travel interstate!

We carry a wide range of music, right back to the 60’s all the way up until today’s modern hits you hear on the radio! If there is specific music you think we may not have – you can supply us with it, or we can source it prior to the function.

A lot of DJ’s have a reputation for not taking requests by guests, or clients. You, and your guests are more than welcome to request any song you like! We are more than happy to take requests providing it is not going to ‘ruin’ the night, or contain abusive language that is not deemed acceptable by the customer booking the function. We even have an online music planner to pick out your favourite songs!