Projector Hire & Slide Show Package

Our Projector Hire & Slide Show is the perfect way to show those unforgettable photos or videos!

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Projector Hire & Slide Show

Looking for a unique way to personalize your party or special event? If so, we suggest our exclusive Projector and Slide Show Package!

Choosing our Projector and Slide Show Package is the perfect way to add those unforgettable personalized touches to your birthday party, wedding celebration or corporate function. A slide show is a great addition to birthday parties as it gives the birthday boy or girl a chance to share their favorite photos or video clips with their guests. Many couples choose to have a projector at their wedding reception in order to showcase their memories together for their friends and family to enjoy. As for corporate events, a slide show is an excellent way to display your logo or branding messages for all of your attendees to see.

There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up your slide show. In the weeks leading up to your event, we will work with you to make sure we get your slide show just right. We can include personal photos, professional ones from a photographer or even pics of you an your friends from Instagram or Facebook. Not only can you include photos in your slide show, you can also feature video clips. If you would like, we can even add some of your favorite tunes to the slide show! After all, what’s a fun slide show without some music?

As for the placing of your slide show, it’s totally up to you. We generally prefer to project the slide show on a retractable screen, but we can always project the images and clips onto the wall. Don’t worry. All of these details will be discussed prior to your event.

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