Wash your room in beautiful hues with our Uplighting Service, and match your color scheme to set the perfect mood

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Uplighting & Atmosphere Effects

Set your wedding reception or event in the best light with our uplighting services. In the decorating process, the goal is always to transform a basic venue or event space into something spectacular and special. Uplighting adds the finishing touch to achieve the perfect mood and light ambiance and match your memorable theme.

Uplighting is achieved by strategically placing different colored lights around the room to reflect up across the walls toward the ceiling. Simply by adjusting the angles and placements of the lights, we can highlight stunning architectural elements of the room or create an artistic light display. In addition to creating instant highlighting focal points, this technique also helps to bring more light and energy into the space without turning on basic, boring fixtures.

Whether you’re aiming for an intimate, subtle atmosphere or a high energy, colorful party scene, uplighting is an important element. Wash your venue walls in beautiful hues to match your color scheme and tie the entire room together. We are able to expertly match the light colors with your theme and advise you on the best combinations and placement for an amazing, memorable effect. Enjoy subtle contrasts with a wide range of colors and tints to choose from along with various strength settings to achieve the perfect ambiance. Our expert uplighting team will be able to wash your reception in a beautiful glow of color and light to finish off your design and achieve a memorable ambiance within any theme.

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