Date of Function: 30/6/2018
Venue: Kilcoy Memorial Hall & Cultural Centre
Debutante Ball
6:30pm – 10:30pm


DJ Emily had the honour of traveling to Kilcoy to DJ the finals of the East Coast Rural Debutante, hosted by each town’s Show Society. There were competitors from Kilcoy, Brisbane, Kenilworth, and even Gympie. The show girls were dressed incredibly elegantly, representing their regents with pride and grace.

The evening started with drinks and mingling, everyone excited to be in attendance and to see all their friends and competitors. The hosts warmed up the crowd and everyone was warming up and ready for the night to proceed. The girls were introduced up onto the stage, accompanied by fun music provided by DJ Emily to keen the mood light and enjoyable. After the first round of interviews, the guests were served their dinner with atmospheric music to accompany their joyful banter and laughter. DJ Emily provided a mix of country and modern music to make sure that everyone was accommodated for and had something that they would enjoy listening to.

After dinner, there was another round of interviews and then dessert. During dessert, DJ Emily introduced more upbeat music to encourage people to chatter more and their own excitement to brew as the time for the winders to be announced was drawing close.

Once dessert was finished, the hosts begun their presentation to announce the two winners that will go on to compete at the Ekka. It was an emotional time, the winners absolutely ecstatic when their names were called and the families and societies buzzing for their victories. There were definitely some congratulations in order, and Gympie took first prize in both categories for the second year in a row.

After the formalities concluded, DJ Emily turned on the party lights and continued to up the energy level in the room and encouraging some celebrations. The guests and entrants had a few drinks, mingled with everyone and danced on the dancefloor. They danced to country hits such as Fake ID, or Country Girl (Shake It for Me) and also modern party hits such as Uptown Funk and Whip It!

Congratulations to all entrants and winners, DJ Emily is very proud to be able to participate in such an event.