Date of Function: 27/02/2016
Venue: St Pauls Lutheran Church Hall
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm


It wasn’t long ago that DJ JAMES was at this hall, playing for Wes’s son’s 18 Birthday back in September last year.

After his function he gave us some great feedback….


Sharon contacted us back in early February as they were recommended to us by Wes (and was at the Party) and decided to book us for a Joint 18th Birthday Party that they had at the hall as well. Sharon commented on what a fun night it was and how everyone had a great night dancing and everyone enjoying themselves. We were so happy that we could be part of their birthday!

Guests started to arrive at 5:30pm and were very keen to get their party on! James started the night off with Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger and everybody IMMEDIATELY started to dance, to the upbeat, bass driven Top 40 Hits keeping everybody enthusiastic and engaged.

Later in the night, James got everyone involved in the Nut Bush and Macarena withe everybody participating having a blast followed by a big round of applause for a great effort. Around 7:30pm the Birthday Cakes were cut, and with Happy Birthday in the background over 100+ people there started singing! Still James had more people on the dance floor having a great dance and less interested in eating cake.

Even the parents got into it, doing the Time Warp, and then a few more dance classics such as YMCA, Nae Nae… and some old school music for the Mum’s & Dads too.

It was a great night for all!

Sharon sent through a quick SMS a few days later giving us some feedback.

Sharon Feedback SMS