Date of Function: 23/04/2016
Venue: Brookwater Golf Club
7:00pm – 12:00am


Tonight’s 21st Birthday was out at the amazing Brookwater Golf Club, situated out at Brookwater for Candice’s 21st Birthday Party. DJ JAMES started Candice’s party with some background music from her chosen list as her guests started to arrive, and grab their first drinks to get comfortable. There was a slideshow in the background for everyone to enjoy as the night continued.

For the first half of the party guests mingled and chatted, taking photos with each other in the photo booth as they enjoyed the music – there was a great atmosphere with some upbeat music to accompany the mood.

Around about 9:00pm the cake was brought out with some speeches made from friends, and after that it was time to hit the D FLOOR! Guests certainly responded and soon the dance floor was packed full of everyone up having a dance.

Candice's 21st Birthday - Brookwater Golf Club 3

DJ JAMES started to play all of the dancing music from the list of music Candice provided, mixed with some other tunes such as Uptown Funk and even some Love Shack requested by others. It was a bit of a switch from modern and old to please both younger & older crowds.

The dancing continued and everyone had a great song with Bohemian Rhapsody to finish the night. It was such a great finale -Everybody came into the dance floor, got into a big circle and sang their hearts out.

Overall it was a great party. Guests really enjoyed themselves and everybody had a fantastic time.

Candice's 21st Birthday - Brookwater Golf Club 2

Candice’s 21st Birthday – Brookwater Golf Club 2