Date of Function: 1/05/2016
Venue: Private Residence
Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm


Services Provided: DJ,

What better way to celebrate a Long Weekend, then to throw a 14th Birthday Party for Bronwyn’s Birthday with all of her friends!

Bronwyn messaged us a few weekends ago when she was thinking about having a party for her birthday. After speaking with Mum & Dad and getting the all approval – we booked it in, and DJ BEX headed off on Sunday to go setup.

Bronwyn’s party was a great start to the night – with everyone doing the “Nae Nae” by Silento – to get the party started – and followed by the Nutbush as well. DJ BEX also did a few dancing competitions to bring the dancers out onto the dance floor, and they loved singing “All Star” by Smashmouth. We had a great range of songs that she had given us – so DJ BEX made sure she played her favourite songs requested as well.

There was even some bendy dance moves happening during the Limbo as well – with the girls having a raffle with prizes & pizza to cure those hungry stomach’s from all that burning dance moves.