Date of Function: 5/9/2015
Venue: Windsor Bowls Club
Time: 7:30pm – 11:30pm
Theme: 70’s Disco


Services Provided: DJ & MC

Nicole contacted me back in June earlier this year as she saw me performing at a School Disco and knew I was the perfect fit for her groovy 70’s Disco Theme at the Windsor Bowls Club.

She wanted a 70’s Disco Theme, with some upbeat 70’s music at the start to get people dancing – but also some modern songs as well. It was a fantastic night with a quick speech from Nicole thanking everyone from coming, and then some games & entertainment provided by DJ BRAD getting the guests involved with some prizes as well. The setting & the room was fantastic, it was completely covered in all Disco 70’s theme, along with posters, disco banners, balloons, colors & to top it off everyone came dressed in their best 70’s & 80’s outfits as well.

We played a great mix of Disco Music such as: Bee Gees, Gloria Estefan, Earth Wind & Fire, ABBA, La Bouche, Salt N Peppa, and so much more…..

It was a great night, and everyone had a fantastic time.

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