Date of Function: 26/1/2016
Venue: St John’s Lutheran Church Hall, Eight Mile Plains
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Theme: Surprise 21st Birthday


Services Provided: DJ

What better way to spend a Surprise 21st Birthday on Australia Day with a Bollywood 21st Birthday Party!

Roshini’s parents, decided last minute to plan a surprise 21st Birthday for her Birthday, and through a mutual friend who I did a Kids Party for a year or two ago – Prabha – got in touch with me asking if we could help them play some Indian/Bollywood Music as background music for everyone to dance to.

I have to admit – Indian/Bollywood Music is not my strong point, and sometimes I struggle because there are literally thousands of types of Indian Music Styles, Songs, Genres, etc – and finding the right song for the dance floor – and type – is not always easy. Not to mention when the music is not in english either. Dont get me wrong, I think the music is really good – WHEN – you find the right song and the right artist – but it can be tricky.

I reached out to a few contacts – actually one of them was the Indian Owner at a local Indian Store who I love going to for his Butter Chicken – Bollywood Indian Restaurant – and he gave me some suggestions. I headed home and bought a few albums as well to help – and on top of that I had some from a previous function (Eva’s 21st Birthday).

So I turned up ready to go at 5:30pm to start setting up and helped Roshini’s parents setup – and made a few announcements in between the various stages.

It was a great surprise! Roshini really had no idea that they had planned this 21st Surprise Birthday – so she was really shocked to see all her friends and family. Her Dad – Sriram – had planned a lovely and heartfelt/proud Slideshow (with some funny embarrassing moments) and then we heard a few more speeches from some other friends as well. Along with Family Photos – although it was a very short night (only 3 hours) it was still a great night that everyone enjoyed, along with a few small surprises that I brought with me.

Not everyone had a chance to dance, due to it being the night before Back 2 School – but still it was a enjoyable night with good food, company & music.