Chicks at the Flicks – Mary Poppins Returns

It was great to be back at one of my favourite events, Chicks at the Flicks Event Cinemas North Lakes for the Chicks at the Flicks session of Mary Poppins Returns – a classic movie featuring Emily Blunt!

I headed out there as usual to setup the Photobooth, along with the music & host the night making several announcements and letting people know what was happening, and when.

Guests loved jumping into the Photobooth getting heaps of fun photos with all their friends and wearing the silly props, whilst others enjoyed the music & had a little dance in the common area as they went off to get their Popcorn and Snacks to get set and comfy for the movie starting at 7:00pm.

We headed into VMAX cinema for the last time, in December 2018 to say thanks for coming and give out a couple of prizes as guests enjoyed their movie and watched Mary Poppings Returns.