Date of Function: 19/12/2015
Venue: The Loft, West End
Time: 7:00pm – 12:00pm


Services Provided:
Music & Entertainment,

Well it was the last gig for the year for DJ BRAD – and tonight it was a Corporate Xmas Party / End of Year Party for this particular client. They held their function in “The Loft” located at West End upstairs, and naturally for the last gig – it had to be the one with 2 flights of stairs to carry my gear up.

Never-the-less, after lugging my gear up the stairs I setup ready to go for the evening. I met up with Hollie (who booked me) and went through the plans for the night. It was fairly low key, nothing major – but just to work out timings and annoucements etc. During Dinner I played some background music – a bit of everything really as there was no specific music requirements on the night – apart from one or two random people requesting “Aqua” and “Venga Boys” which was quite fun! It actually turned into a Conga and went around the room.

Then we had some awards to give out, and then it was time for some dancing. A few people got up on the Dance Floor and had some fun dancing to a bit of Old School songs, and more modern songs.

It was a fun night and the staff enjoyed themselves having a dance – with the Owner coming up and thanking me for a great night at the end of it all!