Date of Function: 8/2/2017
Venue: Event Cinemas, North Lakes
Chicks at the Flicks
5:30pm – 7:30pm


Services Provided: DJ & MC

I was REALLY excited (pumped) to head out to Event Cinemas Northlakes for their “Chicks at the Flicks” night for the Fifty Shades Darker premiere. Julia contacted me a few weeks prior to the event asking for some help with some background music, and some MC’ing throughout the night to help.

It was a similar setup to the “Little Chicks at the Flicks” for the kids back in May last year.

The event started at 6:00pm with over 800 people attending VMAX & Gold Class.

Ladies poured into the cinema in their Fifty Shades of Grey attire and enjoyed some Champagne, along with some food and a few gift packs, as well as a Photo Booth for them to get in and grab a selfie and some silly props as well!

Throughout the night I did some spruiking telling everyone what was happening and where to go, along with times and event information as well as promoting the photo booth as well. I also put up some Pink lights around the room just to enhance it a little bit keeping with their pink theme & balloon decorations.

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7:00pm came, and it was time to let guests know that VMAX 1 & 2 was opening up and the movie was about to start. Guests made their way inside and grabbed their seats with plenty of sweets as well.

Event Cinemas had donated a handful of prizes which they wanted to give out to the audience/people who had booked – so I headed into the cinemas and we had a few greetings & welcome, along with a couple of games to pick out some prize winners.

After that it was time for everyone to sit back, relax & enjoy the movie, while I packed up and headed home.