Date of Function: 4/06/2016
Venue: Belvedere Hotel
Time: 8:00pm – 12:00am


Services Provided: DJ & Music

We’ve previously done the past 2 Awards Night for Fernwood Petrie’s Weight Loss Challenge, and it is always a fun night when the guests get to come and let their hair down after some hard work busting it out on the weights and cardio equipment – so it was great to be back and put on some fun energetic music for them to all dance to.

The night started straight after the Awards Night had been finalised around 8:30pm – so James kicked the night off with a bit of Santana (Smooth) and the ladies started dancing right from the moment the first sound came out of the speaker!

We played a variety of songs, including some Top 40 as requested – with a song list at the ready provided by the guests – dancing kept strong throughout the night.

As the night continued, we had a mix of music to suit other guests – throwing in some artists like Jimmy Barnes, and all the classic hits that everyone knows. James threw on the Nutbush as well, which these ladies absolutely killed it! It was pretty much a 6 minute workout for them – they didn’t even break a sweat! There was also a few other older classics with a mix of 70’s & 80’s – and for the final leg of the night, we switched back to the Top 40 music, and finished up with Macklemore’s Thrift Shop.

It was great to be part of Fernwood Petrie’s Award Night at the Belvedere Hotel, and we look forward to being at the next one in 2017.