Date of Function: 25/02/2016
Venue: The National Academy of Beauty
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Services Provided: Music, Audio Setup (Microphones), Lecturn

We were contacted by the National Academy of Beauty Awards Night, who needed some assistance in setting up their Awards Night in the CBD.

The setup required, was on 2 floors, so I headed out (at no charge) to have a look at the requirements and what we needed to setup. They needed 3 Wireless Microphones, and Audio on both floors to ensure maximum coverage. We also had to provide a Lecturn as well for speeches throughout the night.

Once we had an idea of the setup, DJ JAMES headed out there and started to setup all the AV requirements.

There was some minor problems at the start which we have learned from this, resulting in a small delay to the start of their function – but as a business we take full responsibility for this – and still managed to ensure the night was a success.

Everyone had a great night though, with music and dancing and formalities coming to a close at 9:00pm.