DJ Samantha had the pleasure of playing music and being the DJ at the OLR annual Trivia night on Saturday night. It was rainy and foggy outside but the dedicated mums and dads were determined to party hard (without the kids around)

As per tradition there were 17 tables all dressed for their theme for the night. Some stand out tables were Game of Thrones, 80’s, Grease Lightning, The Royal Wedding, Mexican Fiesta, Trolls and even The Wizard of Oz just to name a few.

Trivia was well underway after DJ Sam set the scene with the themed music for all of participating teams. One of the rounds was who listens to the radio with teams having to guess song lyrics, band names, music artists and music genres.

It was a fast paced night with a special category of guess the song, participants having to guess the song of some of the entrants on the night. Amy Winehouse and ACDC were some standouts.

The trivia was followed by a disco of old school hits to finish the night off on a high.

Thanks for having DJ Sam.