Date of Function: 10/12/2016
Venue: Lennons Restaurant, NEXT Hotel
Client:  Queensland Government
Christmas Party
6:00pm – 11:00pm


Services Provided: DJ / Music & Entertainment

Chloe’s a is a friend who I have been friends with for years, and she got in touch with me around in August regarding her work Christmas Party that she was having at the NEXT Hotel in the Brisbane City.

They were looking for some music and a bit of fun throughout the night for all their staff to enjoy.

I headed over around 5:00pm to start setting up and getting ready. It was a pretty small & narrow loading area so I had to take everything up the lift and then through to the restaurant and park a few blocks away because of where the NEXT Hotel is situated, so I ended up parking down in the Myer Centre.

6:00pm came, and staff/guests started making their way in and so I started playing some music for everyone to enjoy for a bit of ambience. I chucked a few lights around the room just to add a bit of colour and brighten it up as well.

Winston (one of the staff) was out and about taking some photos of everyone – so I helped him out and got everyone into a big group photo just after a quick welcome speech and formal announcements to let everyone know what was happening.

Staff enjoyed some amazing meals (and I was even lucky to get a meal as well) and drinks up in the restaurant area, followed by some quick awards that I helped Chloe with some MC and co-ordination getting people drawing some names out of a glass jar, and picking out some prizes.

Once all that was done – staff enjoyed a variety of music into the evening, with all types of music – from classics, to disco hits to even some fancy R&B hits that everyone seemed to be into!