Date of Function: 18/06/2016
Venue: Hotel Urban
Time: 7:00pm – 12:00am


Services Provided: DJ & Music

It was time to celebrate a important milestone for both Brittany and her partner – celebrating Brittany’s 21st Birthday, and surprise Engagement Party held at the stylish Hotel Urban in the City on Saturday night the 18th June. The night started off right on time with guests starting to straggle in.

The room looked uber stylish and just amazing! DJ JAMES started the night with some Top 40’s music. As Brittany’s guests arrived most of them started to mingle with each other – but the kids – they went straight to the dance floor to dance to the music! There was some yummy entrees served shortly after everybody had arrived, and after guests finished their food, some made their way to the dance floor.

The first ladies to have a dance, requested some of the older hits by ABBA – and soon after the dance floor was full! By request, James switched back to the more modern music and then at around 9 there was a slideshow presentation prepared by Brittany’s mum, reflecting on Brittany and her Fiancée. After the presentation the cake was cut (as it was also Brittany’s 21st) and then the dancing really got under way!

Lights were off and the chairs were lit up. The entire venue turned into an array of multi-colored objects! It was just crazy! The dance floor was once again full. hits from the early 2000s being requested. Nut bush was requested as well as some of the older hits again, with it mostly staying around the 2000s era of music. Shortly after that the night was coming to a close, and ended up finishing up with some of Brittany’s favourite Early 2000s music!