Date of Function: 17/2/2017
Venue: Brookfield Show Ground
Kids Party / Social Night
5:00pm – 9:00pm


Services Provided: Music, Kids Party & Entertainment

Ali from the Brookfield Show Ground booked us for their Social Night for their Brooky Bite Nite and Kids Disco held out on the Brookfield Show Grounds from 5pm. Mums & Dad’s turned up and enjoyed some drinks and good food – while I setup down on the field below to entertain the kids with some music, games & activities to keep them all entertained for a few hours.  I setup some lights, along with a Smoke Machine for the kids to enjoy, and then started off with some light music until about 6:00pm until more and  more kids started to arrive.

The kids had an absolute ball dancing around the field, running around – listening to their favourite songs – with at a few points throughout the night Mum & Dad’s coming down to have a bit of a dance as well.

With kids from 4 right up until the teens; we did a number of different games to keep them all amused – along with some impromptu Lip Sync Battles, Singing contests, Dance Off’s, Shaking it Off to Taylor Swift and I even gave a few prizes out as well!

It was great to be back again, and I’m looking forward to coming out to their next one!

Brooky Bite Night - Brookfield Show Grounds - Kids DiscoBrooky Bite Night - Brookfield Show Grounds - Kids Disco