Date of Function: 18/9/2015
Venue: Private Residence
Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Theme: Post Exam Party / Birthday


Approx. Number of Kids: 25

Ellena’s mum, Libby wanted to have a Post Exam Party, to celebrate in conjunction with Ellena’s Birthday by having a Kids Disco.

DJ JAMES was out on the decks, providing lots of fun & entertainment for all the kids – with everyone arriving fashionably late we got straight into it – by introducing and welcoming everyone to the party. James started with some sing along to Frozen’s “Let it Go” starring the birthday girl on the microphone shortly followed by dinner time with Pizza!

After Pizza DJ JAMES brought all the kids back by request to the Nutbush and then Macarena. After that we did the Limbo with everyone joining in – no one sat out! And we also gave out some prizes as well.

Everybody was having a blast, with a Lip Sync Battle, Lion King, Disney Songs, there was even a kid dressed as Aladdin! James couldn’t decide on a winner, so both kids won! After a few more games and entertainment, and more Disney Songs – they brought out the cake, and gathered around the table and sang Happy Birthday.

James ended the night with YMCA & We are Family and everyone danced and had a great time.