Date of Function: 6/12/2015
Venue: Paddington Pool
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Theme: Barbie Kids Disco


Approx. Number of Kids: 7

Well it was a HOT Sunny Afternoon on Sunday 6th December and what better way to celebrate Lucianna’s Birthday than to have a POOL PARTY.

I arrived at Paddington Pool and setup in the Kids Area whilst Mum & Dad were decorating the room. It was FILLED with Barbie Products/Themed everywhere, so it was pretty clear from the get go that Lucianna loved Barbie! Lucianna had invited her friends, and they all started showing up and arriving in their Disco outfits. As it was a hot day – I had to structure the Kids Party a little differently from normal to avoid everyone getting burnt out too quickly – so I added a few breaks in between.

We played a number of different games, and I had some props that I brought along as well to get them involved with. Lucianna absolutely loved it. She even gave me a list of her favourite songs that she loved listening to so we made sure we played that too. After the party the kidsĀ  jumped in the pool for a swim to cool off.