Date of Function: 19/01/2016
Venue: YMCA Bray Park
Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm


Services Provided: DJ,

Well the YMCA asked us to come out and entertain the kids during School Holidays, so DJ JAMES was on the scene ready to party.

The Organisers had arranged for some games with the kids pre-disco, but by request the Kids asked James for the Nutbush! So everyone got into the Nutbush, and then lots of dancing continued. We played Musical Statue’s, and then another game after that – followed by a few more songs – and at this point the kids were BEGGING James to Dance – so he got them to teach him how to dance to the “Nae Nae” …

After that – they STILL had energy to burn – so it was Macarena time and the kids really got into! We also had a Karaoke request by two little girls who had to be under 6 years of age – and they sang “Let it Go” from the Frozen Soundtrack. The YMCA Kids still wanted more so we did more dancing, more kids getting involved, and we played another few games such as a Number Group Game, and then they finally took a break and had a bit of water to cool down and something to eat.

There was a Dance Off between the Boys & Girls, (Boys won of course!) and then Michael Jackson’s Thriller came out – and then some more songs and more games. Basically it just didn’t stop!! But we finished the day off with Gangnam Style – so I’m sure all of the kids had an absolute blast at the YMCA Bray Park Disco.

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