Date of Function: 6/05/2016
Venue: Ithaca Creek State School
4:30pm – 8:30pm


Services Provided: Music, Kids Entertainment

Ithaca Creek State School had their JUNGLE BOOK themed disco in the lead up to their Play that they are doing later this year – so all the kids came dressed as their favourite Jungle Book animal from the Jungle Book Movie for their School Disco.

There was kids dressed as Cats, Tigers, Monkey’s and so much more!

After finishing setting up my lights, and speakers and equipment – we started off with Years Prep to Year 2 after a quick speech from the Principal and got straight into some games. I played some of the favourites from the movie – Bare Necessities – and I Wanna Be Like You – which the junior kids really loved. We even got the Mums & Dads in to have a dance, as well as the teachers Our winner of the Best Dressed Costume was Alison in Year 1, who won a prize before finishing up at 6:00pm.

After the junior kids finished, it was time for the senior kids to dance at the School Disco and they started at 6:30pm.

They were slow to start as most senior kids in Primary School are – and from what I’ve seen at most School Disco events – but eventually they warmed up after some games that I did to get their attention. We did some surprise games where we called a few people out of the audience and got them involved, and then it wasn’t until 7:00pm when they decided to get their drinks and chips – that the entire hall was deserted!

But that’s OK…… after a quick rest and finishing their Chips & Drink they came back onto the dance floor where we did some more games, and music. We had some interesting requests too – including Riley & Dario requesting “Land Down Under” which I did not see that coming!

This was our 3rd School Disco with Ithaca Creek State School and it was great to be back for 2016 to continue the fun. We are looking forward to the next one when we come back.