Narangba Valley High Year 12 School Formal

This was an epic night!

If it was anything to go by last year’s School Formal that I did for them, 2018 was going to be nothing short of the same. Narangba Valley State High School celebrated their Year 12 School Formal night out at the Brisbane & Convention Centre out at Southbank.

Last year it was held at Victoria Park Golf Course out in the city, where this year it was a change of venue located in Southbank.

Students poured into the venue at 6:00pm and sat down to a 3 course dinner consisting of Entree, Dinner & Dessert!

With what have been over 50+ tables (see the video below) this was the perfect setting for these guys to let their hair down and celebrate into the evening for the last year of School on their Year 12 School Formal night.

The dance floor lights were flashing, the music & tunes were playing with some of their favourite songs requested online via our Online Music Planner – the photographers outside were taking photos – it was really the highlight of the year for these students, and who can blame them.

One of my favourite moments was playing a song “Owl City – Fireflies” and putting all their torches on their phone on and waving them in the air. It was quite funny.

These students literally did not stop dancing all night, it really was a great night.

The only thing that sucked was packing up & going home 🙁