Wilston State School – Year 6 Graduation

Well it was the end of the year and Wilston State School and the students were READY to party!

These kids had studied hard, from homework to exams and now it was time to let their hair down and dance the night away at the Gaythorne RSL Club over in Mitchelton.

The night kicked off at about 6:30pm with the kids arriving one by one, escorted with Mum & Dad and jumping in the Photobooth for some fun photos followed by a few group photos with friends & family.

After that, Disco time!

Oh boy did we party hard. We had so many games to play from Dance Off’s, to Lip Sync Battles, to Musical Statue’s – the list goes on. These kids were almost exhausted towards the end of the night (which made it perfect for mum & dad to come and pick them up) but we made sure this Year 6 Graduation Party was EPIC.

With heaps of dance floor lights scattered around the room, awesome music pumping with all the favourite hits it was a great night that the kids will no doubt remember for 2018.

Good luck Wilston State School students for 2019!