Date of Function: 26/9/2015
Venue: Happy Valley, Fraser Island
Time: 5:30pm – 11:00pm


Services Provided:
Master of Ceremonies, Music & Entertainment,

Entrance Song:  Walk the Moon – Shutup & Dance with Me
Bridal Waltz: Ed Sheerin – Thinking Out Aloud
Father Daughter Dance: Celion Dion – Because you Loved Me

I was contacted by Alex & Sherri when they decided that they didn’t want to have an iPod at their wedding, rather a DJ. After driving up to the Sunshine Coast to meet them we sat down together with them and went through all the options to work out what it was that they were looking for.

After having a chat with them, they really wanted me to be their Wedding DJ but also their Master of Ceremonies (MC), but they had already chosen a family member (Alysa) to be their Master of Ceremonies (MC) as well. However they asked if I could share the role of Master of Ceremonies (MC) with her – which I was MORE than happy to do! I got in touch with Alysa over the phone and we co-ordinated a few things together on a MC schedule so we can work with each and know who is doing what in terms of responsibilities.

So, after a few more details, questions & planning the wedding for Happy Valley, Satinay Bar & Bistro at Fraser Island was set. Friday morning the 4WD was packed and ready to go for our weekend away at Alex & Sherri’s wedding.

I arrived Friday, lunch time to have a quick look through the venue and meet the function manager Deb, to co-ordinate activities, and also to work out what is happening where etc. Then on Saturday I headed out to the venue at 3pm to start setting up. It was so beautiful! She had a lovely Blue/White theme with Sea Shells on the tables, Candles and even a Ship Anchor for everyone to sign. Sherri had clearly gone through a lot of planning and preparation and she even gone to the effort of using Mason Jars for her favours with Blue & Pink straws for the Girls & Boys.

The night started off with some quick introductions for the Bridal Party and a personalised story of Alex & Sherri talking about how they met and how they got to where they are today, married and happily in love. After a few more formalities we did a few games and entertainment provided by DJ BRAD to get the guests involved, and some few jokes and then we had the Father/Daughter Dance & Bridal Waltz.

Then it was straight into the dancing! There was a wide range of music played for everyone to enjoy, along with a few songs re-requested for some of Sherri’s friends. Then we did a Lollipop Bouqet Toss, which was really interesting and unique- as there was no throwing of the flowers, but rather pieces of string for ever girl to hold on to and when she let go whoever had the string connected got the Bouqet! It was really fun to watch and a different take on the throwing of the bouqet.

The night ended with a beautiful farewell circle to say goodbye to all of the guests – who were still keen to party on afterwards – which I’m sure they did back at their beachside cabins.