Date of Function: 22/04/2016
Venue: Fraser Island
Time: 2:00pm – 11:00pm
Approx No of Guests: 120


Services Provided:
Wedding Ceremony, Master of Ceremonies, Music & Entertainment, Uplighting, Monogram

Walking Down the Isle: David Nail – I’m a Fire
Signing the Registry: Hunter Hayes – Wanted
Leaving the Isle: Brothers Osborne – Stay a little Longer

Entrance Song:  Mud Digger – Kickin Up Mud (Remix)
Bridal Waltz: Blake Shelton – My Eyes

Belinda & Dan’s wedding had to be amazing! After all it was aptly named – the Wedding of the Millennium! These two 4WD loving fun people wanted something special, with Dan’s love of Hunting, and Belinda’s love of Fraser Island – the two of them decided to get married on the world’s largest sand island – Fraser Island, with me as their Wedding DJ & MC. As a Stylist, Belinda knew exactly what she wanted when they decided to get married, and wanted to reflect in as much detail as possible using only elements of their love for Country & Bush with as much 4 Wheel Driving as possible.

They didn’t just want it at any venue or location on Fraser Island, they wanted it on the beach, in a marquee, and the logistics that was involved at this wedding, are just out of this world when you think about how much organizing this couple had to do.

There was SO much involved in creating this dream. All on an island where there is barely any phone reception.
There was even a Facebook Group with all of the guests invited, so that they could stay up to date with the latest developments, changes & progress leading up to their – what can only be described as the most Amazing Fraser Island Wedding ever!

There was custom tables made, there was custom serviettes printed, there was shells with guests name on it, there was trucks full of decorations, accessories, lights, generators, porta-loo’s, shelves, kitchen accessories, the list goes on (and it really does…..) I mean have a look at this amount of gear & equipment that was involved just getting to the island and getting it all setup – just 3 hours north of Brisbane!

Belinda & Dan Wedding Fraser Island DJ & MC

So once everyone arrived, guests got settled in for the long weekend to relax & get ready for what will be only described as a fun, exciting night.

The ceremony was to begin at 2:00pm sharp on the beach, just in front of one of Fraser Island’s featured spots – the Maheno. The Maheno, driven ashore just north of Happy Valley during a cyclone in 1935 now sits rusting away ashore, creating a popular tourist spot for people to visit.

As guests arrived to the Ceremony about 1:30pm, they got settled in and waited for Belinda to arrive while Dan stood at the ready. I was on the UHF (Radio) talking to Belinda who was several hundred metres away getting ready to make her approach with a build of music – and when she gave the green light, I was to play the song that she wanted everyone to hear whilst she made her way to the ceremony in her very own favourite Toyota Prado – Pradalicious.

Guests laughed and cheered as she made her approach while everyone else on the Island stopped and parked there car watching this amazing ceremony take place. There was even Tour Bus’s driving past and planes flying overhead because no one had ever seen a ceremony quite like this before!

The ceremony was filled with love & laughter, with a special Snatch Strap for the tying of the hands together, and even fishing out the ring in a plastic container filled with mud – keeping with Dan’s love of mud throughout their Country 4WD Beach & Mud theme.

Their ceremony finished not long after around 2:30-2:45, and after some quick group photos, I directed them to head back to their campsite(s) or hotel rooms to relax and to return to the Reception Area just outside of Happy Valley at 5:00pm for Drinks & Nibbles.

Whilst everyone left, I headed over to the Reception area to start setting up and getting ready for all the Music, and MC work – making sure so that when guests arrived they knew exactly what was going on. And sure enough at 5:00pm guests arrived with shock and amazement about how great the reception looked. It was like an awards night at the Logies – with Photo Flashes everywhere – left right and centre – taking photos of everything. Everywhere you looked there was something interested.

From the tables, to the lights in the ceiling, to the oil barrels, to the rustic look & feel of the wedding, to the stands up the back with ornaments and fish nets and more. It had so much excitement to it.

Have a look at how beautiful it looked….


The night started off with a GRAND entrance for Belinda & Dan.

I arranged for guests to be seated, and welcomed them to this amazing Fraser Island Wedding, and of course thanked them all for coming. As soon as Belinda & Dan arrived, they were greeted with a HUGE cheer of clapping, roaring and applause followed by a beautiful love story about how they met and their travels together leading up to today.

Guests mingled and enjoyed the surroundings, with dinner being served not long after – with a wide array of yummy food for everyone to enjoy.

Belinda wanted HEAPS of games, so that’s exactly what we did – we got a number of different games arranged in the lead up some they knew about – some they didn’t knew about – even some where we go the audience members out of their seats participating.

Not long after we had some speeches from Belinda & Dan’s family, followed by some friends as well, and then it was time to cut this amazing cake that they had made up.

Belinda & Dan Fraser Island Wedding Cake - DJ & MC

This cake was just a perfect reflection of their love for 4WD’ing and Belinda’s love of “Big Tyres”. (…it was really good to eat too!) Their first dance was again, just something that guests were not expecting…. a HOT dance that they had learnt together with some really saucy moves and an amazing Red Lip stick finish.

Honestly I could go on, but overall, Belinda & Dan’s wedding at Fraser Island was just great. So much organizing and hard work done by everyone (including myself) leading up to this day – and it has clearly paid off because everyone had such a great time on the day, and night – that they are still talking about it!

Thank you Belinda & Dan for letting me be part of your day.