Date of Function: 15/10/2016
Venue: The Gardens Club, Brisbane CBD
Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Approx No of Guests: 60


Walking down the Isle: Beatles – All You Need is Love
Signing the Registry: Eddie Vedder & Natalie Maines – Golden State
Exiting the Isle: Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones

Entry Song: Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Cake Cutting: Archies – Sugar Sugar
Father Daughter:  Bobby Vee – Take Good Care Of My Baby

Bridal Waltz: Pearl Jam – Sirens / Jack White – I’m Shakin

Celebrant: Jennifer Cram
Photographer/Video:    Amanda Hamilton (Peppermint Photography)

Services Provided:
Master of Ceremonies, Music

Emma & Jeremy’s wedding was a little bit unorthodox to what I do, in the sense that I wasn’t just the MC, but I was the Bridesman as well!

Yes, Emma and I have had the pleasure of being friends for just over 15 years now. As best friends, we’ve been through just about everything and supported each other when we needed it – so when Emma asked me to help her out for her wedding, there was no hesitation.

To be asked to be her MC was one thing, but to be asked to be her bridesman, now that is something else. I was so excited to be part of this day and help create it. The A team, (consisting of Shannon, Jessica & myself) needed to make sure everything was on point!

Emma & Jeremy didn’t want a typical, conventional wedding, instead they wanted to share their love of coffee & cake, and their cats (Robert & Jerry).

With the wedding ceremony held in the morning, it made for a beautiful breakfast morning Wedding Ceremony, and then a Brunch/Lunch in the afternoon for everyone to enjoy amongst family & friends.

As I was part of the Bridal Party, it presented a few interesting challenges as to how I provided music for the ceremony when I’m the one that has to walk down the isle! So DJ JAMES assisted with the Ceremony Music, while I got to see the other side of a Bridal Party – getting ready at 6:00am in the morning! With coffee in hand, and on my way – I helped the girls in anyway shape or form. Getting bottles of water, holding things, or just standing there and looking beautiful!

9:00am came, and with some co-ordination with Jennifer the celebrant, and DJ JAMES – we were ready to walk down the isle!

After the ceremony we headed off for some photos with Amanda from Peppermint Photography taking some amazing throughout the day, and then it was time to host the introductions and welcoming for the Bridal Party Entry.  We got some great Group Photos of everyone looking amazing!

Mr & Mrs Jeremy & Emma Nowland were welcomed into the room with a roaring applause and cheer shortly before the Bridal Party members walked in – along with a quick story about the two and their journey together – and some surprise sound effects from the cats our morning reception was underway.

The Gardens Club, Emma & Jeremy's Wedding






It was a very laid back wedding – nothing too over the top, or specific, just a nice and relaxed afternoon. The room looked amazing, with little details everywhere. Guests loved the “Keep Calm and eat a Cookie” table, and I even assisted handling a little bit of music with Emma’s Spotify Playlist of her choosing, and just making sure the day follows accordingly with the timeline we had.

Keep Calm & Eat Cookies






There was some heart-felt speeches from Emma’s family, her Dad Marty & her twin-sister Shannon, along with Bridesmaid Jess and also some Groomsmen as well.

There was also a very special moment when Emma danced with her dad, composed with a special recorded message to the song Bobby Vee – Take Good Care Of My Baby which, and of course their first dance which didn’t taken long for everyone to join in.

It was even more awkward when I had to dance with one of the groomsmen as Bridesman!

The Gardens Club, Emma & Jeremy's Wedding - DancingThe Gardens Club, Emma & Jeremy's Wedding - Dancing