Date of Function: 17/09/2016
Venue: McLeod Golf Club
Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Approx No of Guests: 40


Entry Song: Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get it Started

Services Provided:
Wedding MC, Master of Ceremonies, Music & Entertainment,

Gerry & Aleena’s wedding was a fairly relaxed night, just like Chris & Elise’s wedding. They didn’t want to make a big fuss too much – but rather just have a nice relaxed night with a small group of close friends & family.

They were recommended to me, as preferred DJ/MC supplier by Rita at McLeod Golf Club,

Aleena’s side of the family was Ukraine, and had her mum fly all the way over from Ukraine/Russia and as such having a bit of Russian experience from a previous wedding for Chris & Oksana, I took it upon myself to go see a Russian translator to speak a bit of Russian on the night so that her mum could feel welcomed in a bit more of a personalised style. Although, funnily enough – she already had a translator with her – but I think it’s the thought that counts 🙂

So now I have 2 Russian wedding’s under my belt!

So after having a few chats with them, planning their night and activities – the day finally came and I headed out to get ready and setup.

Although the night was still really relaxed I still had a few things to co-ordinate, mostly with getting the guests seated, and getting them all excited & pumped up for them as they walked into the room! There was lots of clinking of the glasses, and saying shout Gorko, Gorko, Gorko,…. Gorko which from my understanding means “bitter”. At this point the couple must kiss for a long time to take out the bitter taste of the vodka.

After some speeches and announcements, they cut their cake and then headed out onto the dance floor with the lights turned out – and had a romantic Bridal Waltz together which was just beautiful to watch. With the Bridal Waltz complete, the next step was to dance! And dance they did! Guests headed straight out onto the dance floor and had a few boogies to Abba, Nutbush, Macarena and some other classic songs as well that they had requested be played.

The best part of the night though was the Fireworks!

Gerry & Aleena booked some fireworks as a surprise and co-ordinating with them involved a few additional checks along the way such as making sure they were ready, and then telling guests to head out onto the balcony and prepare for a surprise, a big thanks to the team at Skylighter Fireworks for helping out with this. They were really great and put on a fantastic show while the guests cheered and OOOO, AHHH from the deck.

Gerry & Aleena at McCleods Golf Club, Bridal WaltzGerry & Aleena at McCleods Golf Club, Dancing







Before Gerry & Aleena headed off, we had to give them a BIG farewell as they made their way outside and headed home, so we got all the guests remaining to head out on the Dancefloor with a nice big farewell and a little surprise as they ran off into the night.