Date of Function: 10/07/2016
Venue: Victoria Park Golf Course
Time: 3:00pm – 11:00pm


Celebrant: Annie Grace
Photography: Just for Love Photography

Services Provided: Wedding Ceremony, DJ & Music

Jarryd & Ziggy’s wedding was a little bit different to what I’m normally used to. Which is great because I love to experience all different types of weddings, and styles.

For them, they had all the music picked out. Everything, from start to finish all on Spotify Playlists. They were both very particular about their music, and knew exactly what they wanted. The day itself was really relaxed and felt like a nice and relaxed Sunday wedding, with family & friends to celebrate their wedding ceremony & wedding reception.

We had a few Skype chats originally to go through all the details, and then it was time to discuss song requests.

So Jarryd & Ziggy had planned everything. All the songs, all the order, all the times. No MC needed, they already had one, and I’m kinda glad they picked all the songs to be honest. Because out of all their songs they chosen – I think I recognized maybe 2 or 3 at the most that I knew.

There seems to be a really bad stigma or view from other Wedding DJ’s around playing peoples song list exactly, or them requesting everything. Not alot of Wedding DJ’s that I know like to do it, and find it a little offensive. In some ways I can see there point of view, other ways I disagree. There is the argument that if you plan everything, and put in every single song you want – then the DJ doesn’t really do anything. Or that the DJ can’t cater for everyone. But then there is also the point that the customer knows what they want, or this is what they would like to hear (as it’s their favourite songs) and that’s what they asked for.

So whats the best way to handle this?

To be honest, I don’t think there is a right way and a wrong way here, I think it’s a compromise, and a healthy balance.
I generally don’t mind if they want if customers want to request all their songs, or even a few.

It feels a bit like going to a Candy Shop and saying I want all of these lollies, but the Candy Shop saying, well I think you should let me choose….. (or is that a bad analogy?) I think you get my point. Its funny actually, because I wrote a similar post about this in my iPod Wedding DJ. So in some ways this is contrary to what I am saying. But – in Jarryd & Ziggy’s case, I was happy to play all of it, because their music style was very specific, and catered to a very specific genre or style. I had no idea what these songs were! None! They were something from Triple J (or at least I thought) and had artists that I just didn’t really know at all.

They knew what they wanted, and so did their guests.

Their guests LOVED IT! Throughout the night, we had some nice soft dinner music to flow throughout the night, which mixed well into the speeches and announcements – and when it came to the First Dance, and then dancing following afterwards – their playlist just worked really well.

It was really interesting some of the music, it was great to get a break from playing some of the usual songs too.

Although I didn’t really pick out any songs, I just helped with the music, managed it and made sure that it was something they didn’t need to worry about – but still ensured it was their songs playing with 1 or 2 requests from a few friends as well.

Special mention to Annie from Annie Grace Ceremonies did such a great job, making sure all the groomsmen were all prepared, helping everyone find their seats and just really personalizing the day, she was lots of fun to work with – and is very bubbly! You should go check her out if your looking for a great celebrant.