Date of Function: 02/07/2016
Venue: Hillstone St Lucia
Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm


Services Provided: DJ & Music

Hillstone St Lucia is one of my FAVOURITE wedding venues to play at, I absolutely love this venue. I dont know why, but I just think it is spectacular – and that doesn’t mean I dont enjoy going to other wedding venues – but this one just stands out for me. It’s so prestige, it’s big, and makes a great venue for any wedding dream!

So I was pretty excited when Rebecca & Aaron contacted me about being their wedding DJ!

Rebecca contacted me back around October last year, for her wedding at Hillstone St Lucia and as they were both based in Canberra, this made communications a little difficult since normally I sit down first at our office to discuss requirements. So we decided to jump on Skype and have a chat with her partner, Aaron.

After deciding on all the options and what services I provide – they decided on us as their Wedding DJ, and having Charlie one of their friends as the MC with a little assistance from me which I was happy to provide.

We had a few Skype chats to make sure everything in the lead up was as per their plan & requirements, along with access to our Online Music System where Rebecca & Aaron put down some of their favourite songs they wanted to hear throughout the night. There was a great range of music, including a really lovely song for the Father Daughter Dance which was by Jasmine Thompson – Sweet Child of Mine – it’s absolutely beautiful, definitely worth checking out!

I headed over to Hillstone St Lucia about 5:00pm to start setting up – and headed into the main ballroom – and the room as always looked absolutely amazing. There was these crystal balls which added a really lovely touch & feel to the room in all the different corners – and the dance floor in the middle, along with a sweet cake with Cadbury Favourites everywhere scattered around.

I caught up with Charlie, the MC and worked with him on any requests – and assisted with the Microphone, as well as introductions so we both knew what we were doing, and also working along with the Function Manager as well with anything she needed.

Aaron & Rebecca headed on in with the Bridal Party at 6:30pm to MC Hammers – Cant Touch This – which was lots of fun – and it was well received with a loud round of applause from the guests!

The night started off straight into the Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance, followed by the Bridal Waltz, which was absolutely beautiful – and then not long after that entrees started coming out for guests to enjoy.

There was also a Chinese Lion Dance with 2 dragons coming out dancing to the beat of the drums as a bit of a tradition – everyone loved watching that with cameras in the air taking snaps of the dragons roaming around the room – and dancing in front of Rebecca & Aaron. Not long after that we had a few speeches from friends & family to congratulate the happy couple.

Then came dancing! The fun stuff. After one more Bridal Waltz just to continue with the romance, and dancing – they finished their first dance – and then it was time to party! Guests absolutely filled the dance floor whilst I played all of their favourite 80’s & 90’s tunes. There was HEAPS of requests coming in for ABBA, The Beatles, and even some R&B as well. It wasn’t long until the Bouqet Toss was ready to be thrown into the air – and all the single girls headed out to catch it with 1 lucky winner!

Guests partied right through to the end of the night, just before Rebecca & Aaron gathered around for a farewell circle to say goodbye and running through the tunnel of love to head home and get some much needed rest for a big day.