Why Choosing a DJ Is Better Value than using an iPod?

A wedding is the most important event in people’s lives and when it comes to organizing it, everything has to be perfect. From the location to the invitations, from photos to music, you need to make sure you’ve made the right choices for the success of your big day.

In the end, all these factors contribute in some extent to a wedding, but some are more important than others. And if you wish for a memorable wedding, then music is one key factors that draws the line between THE wedding and any wedding.

Why? Well, music is one of the main ingredients to people having fun at your wedding because fun is measured on the dancefloor and there’s no other stimulant for fun than music.

Although music is really important for a wedding, some people would chose an iPod over a great DJ with years and years of experience and passion for playing music.

So, why choosing a DJ over using an iPod better value?

Here are just a few reasons why:

# 1 Stressing about the Playlist

If you want to play music at your wedding you need to consider putting up a really tight playlist in advance for the entire 4 to 6 hours of the venue. If you think that’s not a big deal, trying to find the right music for the exact right moments to play at the exact right time. As a DJ – we eliminate the unnecessary stress and allow you to enjoy your wedding. We take care of playing right songs at the right time – and adapting to the night as the mood or the type of crowd can change regularly.

# 2 Reading the Crowd

One thing your iPod will certainly not do and neither will you is to read the crowd and anticipate the best song to play next. As a DJ we have years and years of experience and love for playing music we know exactly what song goes where so it makes people want to dance and have a blast. An iPod on Shuffle does not.

# 3 Managing the Entire Party

Of course, it’s your wedding and you want to be perfect, but the difference between wanting to be perfect and actually making it perfect is a great management of the entire party. A DJ who also speaks at the mic, takes care of the most important moments of your wedding, incites people to dance and party is the kind of wedding party manager you want. And the kind an iPod playlist cannot make up for.