It was great to be back at Strathpine West State School for the 2nd time hosting their School Xmas Carol Night!

My first time was back in 2017 as MC hosting the night with all the teachers, students and parents all gathered around from Prep right up to Grade 6 doing all there different performances.

2018 saw a more technical challenge with me now providing Audio/AV Equipment, and hosting the night as well!

This was definitely a step up for me, as it required a number of special microphones (approximately 8 in total) and then some lighting for the stage, and also then running everything altogether along with Speakers & Microphones for announcements and playing the Xmas Carol Music, so it was certainly a lot more work than last time.

And I’m happy to say everything went well! Apart from the rain which impacted one or two performance which we later did in the evening, everything went really well.

There was OVER 12 different classes scheduled on the night, each with different songs that needed to be programmed.

Featuring the Senior Band, String Ensemble, Preps, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 plys the French Choir!

It was a very busy night!

At the end of the night, we watched and celebrated the end of the School Term with Fireworks!

Thanks you so much for having me Strathpine West State School! It was great to be back again, and hopefully I can come out again in 2019.